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Hot and bothered – Some thoughts from John 4.

They have been a good few hours in the car, the preacher had done his fair share of driving, not in the air-conditioned comfort of a Mercedes, but with the windows down in a not so new Mini-Van. They were all tired, it had been a long service the night before and so many wanted to be prayed for – how could they turn any one away?

“You guys go get something to eat and drink, I’m gonna wait out here!” he said as they pulled into a petrol station. This was not the first time that he had chosen the perfect moment to be on his own. She may never have had the life changing experience if he had not have been alone at that specific moment in time. He had a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

She sauntered over. Some would have turned away because of the tightness of her jeans, the lowcut top, the makeup was heavy and the cheap jewelry clattered, drawing the attention she so desired, “What’s up big guy?” She would never have used those words if he knew he was a preacher, but how was she to know? He was dressed in long shorts, his Jeep T-Shirt with “Know No Limits!” was a far cry from the “dog collar” she had last seen on the minister who told her she was not welcome in his church.

He was not letting on! He had never advertised his profession. His actions usually did. 

As if he was unaware of her cleavage, he lowered his Oakleys, looked her straight in the eye, “Hot huh? Haven’t got some water have you?”

“How come you asking me for a drink?”

“If you knew the water I had to offer you would ask me for a drink!”

His answer did not make sense, but there was a tenderness, a gentleness that was she was finding irresistable. She wasn’t sure how to answer and for the first time in years lost the false self confidence she had taught herself to portray.

“Give me some of that!” she stuttered and then felt like a fool for being part of the riddle she did not understand.

His answer was unexpected, “Go call your husband!”

“I’m not married!”

The tenderness remained, “Right! Cos you been married five times and the guy you living with is not your husband.”

“No way! Absolutely no way!” She thought. “How could he have known that, we just met?”

“Who are you?”

His mates showed up a couple of minutes later, but in that passing moment, her life was changed forever. Not once did he bring an accusation. Not once did he question her about her failed marriages. All she got was grace. Something she so desperately desired. For the first time in her life she felt accepted, she felt worthy. 

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