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We are obviously not having our services as we usually do at Rue de la Masse, but are using the platform Zoom.

Here is how simple it is:

Download Zoom from, then click on “Join a Meeting”. You will be asked for a Meeting ID. For this Sunday 22nd March 2020, the ID is 173 456 446. Some smart phones require you to install the App.

Once you are “in the Meeting”, you have the option of muting your microphone and you will also have the choice of using your camera. Should you choose not to use this option, you will still see us, but we can’t see you.

The “service” will follow as closely as possible to our normal format, starting with an open g greeting, a Scripture and a prayer. This will be followed by a few worship songs. Instead of our usual “meet & greet” time we will open up for anyone who wants to pray or share a brief testimony. Then come the announcements and the message. We will close with a worship song, and we will be available for prayer or questions. Please use the “Chat” facility and one of us will get hold of you via a phone call.

All of this should be around one hour.

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